DIY Macramé Wall Hanging with Andeea Rae Fiber Art: Saturday, Nov. 16 9AM-1PM

DIY Macramé Wall Hanging with Andeea Rae Fiber Art: Saturday, Nov. 16 9AM-1PM


Join guest teacher Andeea Rae and learn how to macramé your own wall hanging! Macramé is the very mindful and ancient craft of knotting that Andeea is very passionate about and excited to teach you! This bohemian vibe wall hanging is a fabulous home accent that will soften any home space: living room, dining area, bedroom, door hanging, or nursery. It also makes a great gift!

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Price includes all materials and there will be embellishments available for purchase on the day of the class.

You will learn the following knots: lark knot, square knot, alternating square knot, and double half hitch knot. You will learn the following skills: knot tension, braiding, fringe, design, and adding accents. If you know how to hand sew you will possibly use this skill and if you don't know how that is ok! You will learn to hand sew (needle and thread) if you chose to add flowers to your piece or you can choose to glue them on as well, that will be up to you. Surprisingly, these basic macramé knots that you will be learning are the same knots you see on even the most elaborate macramé art pieces. You will also learn a variety of knot patterns so you can create your own design within the kit and tools you are given. The rope you will be using is a very high-quality cotton single twist macramé rope that is extremely soft and fun to work with! It also makes amazing fringe.

No cancellations after the supply list is sent two weeks prior to class.